Steampunk Black Bubbler

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Copper electroform and Steampunk, they naturally go together.  Like smoke and water filtration.  This piece is definitely special enough to display and sturdy enough to use every day. Indeed, the copper electroform actually strengthens the already thick glass of this bubbler.  Thanks Tony! We love your collections so much. 

Proudly handmade in Fort Wayne, Indiana USA
Limited Quantity and Availability.

Note: This is a made-to-order art piece. Precise patterns and colors may vary, ever so slightly, due to the nature of glassblowing. And that's what makes yours one of a kind!

Dimensions:  6.5" x 3.5"

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Meet the Artist

Tony Andrachik

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Q: How long have you been a glass artist?
A: 8 years glassblowing

Q: How did you start?
A: Started by watching other guys who where getting to glassblowing as well.

Q: What is your favorite style/ technique to use?
A: Favorite style is gold and silver fume.

Q: What other glass artists are your favorite(s)?
A: Really enjoy Buck and Snic work