Looking for something a little more special than the rest? Check out our collections of themed pipes, or some especially special pieces from some of our favorite artists.

Navy Frosted Chillum
* No Filter No Photoshop *Proudly handmade in Fort Wayne, Indiana USA Limited Quantity and..
Army Spoon - Green
* No Filter No Photoshop *Perfect for ground pounders and the people who love them, our EXCLUSIVE Ar..
Steampunk Black Taster
* No Filter No Photoshop Video shows the taster with Tony's Steampunk Black Concentrate Straw; ..
Marines Black Spoon
* No Filter No Photoshop * EXCLUSIVE to ApacheBlaze.comThe Marines Hymm (1867)"From the Halls of Mon..
National Guard Topaz Spoon
* No Filter No Photoshop * EXCLUSIVE to ApacheBlaze. An homage to the approximately 340,00..
Navy Spoon - Blue
* No Filter No Photoshop *   EXCLUSIVE to! Joe's sandblasting ma..
Navy Steamroller
* No Filter No Photoshop *  EXCLUSIVE to ApacheBlaze.comWe love American functional glass art a..
Marines Vapor Straw
EXCLUSIVE to ApacheBlaze.comThis clear boro glass straw's tapered tip and pinch restriction are..
Navy Fumed Sherlock
* No Filter No Photoshop * EXCLUSIVE to ApacheBlaze.comAgain, same pipe just different lighting.&nbs..
Fantasy Vapor Straw w/ Ceramic Tip
* No Filter No Photoshop *Superior quality Apache Blaze vapor straws and dab rigs are not only meant..
Army Fumed Spoon
* No Filter No Photoshop * EXCLUSIVE to ApacheBlaze.comThe Army's slogan is "Army Strong" and j..
Coast Guard Spoon with Maria
* No Filter No Photoshop * EXCLUSIVE to ApacheBlaze.comHave you already heard this one? ...&nbs..
Butterscotch Shire Spoon
* No Filter No Photoshop *The eyecatching beauty of Copper Electroform meets durable functionality i..
Butterscotch Shire Stryder
* No Filter No Photoshop *This Copper Electroform, footed gandalf called a Stryder, will deliver one..
Fantasy Pink Sherlock
* No Filter No Photoshop *Part of our Fantasy Collection, this sherlock is pink glass reinforced wit..

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