Hand Pipes

If you are on the go, or just want something efficient, these are the pipes for you. From something that will fit in to the palm of your hand, to something perfect for passing around the circle, we have American made hand pipes to fit your needs.
* THE ORIGINAL SNEAK A TOKE *  Old School Zeppelin
FREE with every purchase over $75, Limited Time OnlyThe legend is that zeppelin pipes were designed ..
Navy Frosted Chillum
* No Filter No Photoshop *Proudly handmade in Fort Wayne, Indiana USA Limited Quantity and..
Screenless Sneak A Toke Zeppelin
MADE IN AMERICA! This very popular hand pipe is based on the Original Sneak A Toke but with the..
Awareness Glass Spoon
“Pink is the quintessential female color,” says Margaret Welch, director of the Color Association of..
Fumed Peanut Spoon
* No Filter No Photoshop * Just a cell phone and the beauty of early morning sun.  Its eas..
Krispy Original Black Spoon
* No Filter No Photoshop *Slick, sleek and sexy, with a bowl that's just the right size for you and ..
All Day Every Day Spoon -  Black
* No Filter No Photoshop *Thick Chameleon hand pipe with the classic riff, indeed perfect for everyd..
All Day Every Day Spoon - White
* No Filter No Photoshop *The All Day Everyday Glass Pipe for those in the know: The bar code 4..
Deep Sea Dichro Chillum
* No Filter No Photoshop * There's dichro and then there's American dichro, for those that get ..
Glow in the Dark Chillum
* No Filter No Photoshop *Luminescent glass brings your sesh to an entirely new level.   ..
Gumby Lemon Swirl Chillum
* No Filter No Photoshop *We love this one by Grady! Photos definitely don't do it justice, it's tot..
Hilljack Chillum Trio
* No Filter No Photoshop *Hand blown by St. Louis artist Hilljack (Grady to his Mom), these classic ..
Ondeck Unblasted Chillum
* No Filter No Photoshop * Limited Quantity and Availability. Proudly handmade in St.Louis..
DYNOMITE Steamrollers
When it comes to glass hand pipes, steamrollers have a devoted following.  The long chamber and..
Army Spoon - Green
* No Filter No Photoshop *Perfect for ground pounders and the people who love them, our EXCLUSIVE Ar..

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