If you want the most efficient smoking method, then concentrates are the way to go! Check out our dab rigs, and consider getting a carb cap for the optimal smoking experience. And don't forget to pick up a dabber!

Atom Dab Cap
Combo tools are always a plus. Chameleon has made the Atom Dab Cap with a tip for easy use on the bu..
Krispy Maroon Dabber
* No Filter No Photoshop *Warm and radiant jewel tones. A simple design with marias placed for secur..
Krispy Black Dabber
* No Filter No Photoshop * Looking like the Mont Blanc of dabbers, the luxury is recognizable with ..
Whale Tail Carb Cap
* No Filter No Photoshop *Carb caps are fairly new on the scene, first emerging in July 2013.  ..
Krispy Illuminati Dabber
* No Filter No Photoshop * We know you thought you had the romantic bases covered with your black l..
Krispy Slyme Dabber
* No Filter No Photoshop *This dabber is made with an unusual glass called Slyme.   Ahh, S..
Marines Vapor Straw
EXCLUSIVE to ApacheBlaze.comThis clear boro glass straw's tapered tip and pinch restriction are..
Fantasy Vapor Straw w/ Ceramic Tip
* No Filter No Photoshop *Superior quality Apache Blaze vapor straws and dab rigs are not only meant..
Roll UH Bowl - Smokey Bubbles Anywhere
We promise this is a game changer. Chugs hard with perfect restriction! Zero splash, even when overf..
Domeless Titanium Nail and Ceramic Carb Cap Combo
Titanium nails are highly durable and functional accessories, while the carb cap covers your nail to..
Steampunk Black Vapor Straw w/ Ceramic Tip
* No Filter No Photoshop* Shown here with the Steampunk Black Taster, this vapor straw is both ..
Typhoon Joystick Water Pipe
* No Filter No Photoshop *The Typhoon Joystick Water Pipe is amazing.  Admire the clean welds a..
Hilljack Tuxedo Rig
* No Filter No Photoshop *Want another piece you'll be proud to put on display? Grady has fashioned ..
5th Degree Vaporizer Pen Kit
The Prohibited 5th Degree Vaporizer is a multi-function device, able to seamlessly vaporize both dry..
Fantasy Mini-Rig with Opals
* No Filter No Photoshop *Part of our Fantasy Collection, this 14 mm mini-rig is feminine but not de..

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