* THE ORIGINAL SNEAK A TOKE * Old School Zeppelin

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The legend is that zeppelin pipes were designed for use around dirigibles like the 
Hindenburg to prevent accidental sparks from touching off highly explosive hydrogen ...aaand... that doesn't even make sense when we think about it, lol. But for sure it was in the 1970's that Ted Borden really blew it up. What is now known worldwide as Sneak A Toke came as an epiphany while Ted and his friends were trying to indulge in their favorite smoke discreetly in the garage. Since then many have copied the idea but it started with Ted, and we promise a full refund if you are not happy with your Original Old School Sneak A Toke Zeppelin. 

You will clearly see the superior craftsmanship compared to cheaply made, imported knockoffs. Ted's pipes feel like quality products, with the metal threads on the outside so they don't stick and fit perfectly. The screens are specially made for these pipes, out of heavy duty brass. They fit straight down with no awkward edges. The screens can even be cleaned. 

Small and compact the zeppelin can be carried anywhere. Perfect for the "traveling" smoker.  Just pack it once (it holds approximately 1/3 gram of tobacco), hit it, and throw it back in your pocket for later.  

  • Easy to palm
  • Self extinguishes
  • No smoke escapes
  • Very inconspicuous 

Dimensions: 3.5" long
Note: Precise patterns and colors in the wood may vary slightly.

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Meet the Innovator

Ted Benson, Founder 
Q: How did Sneak A Toke start?   
A: "My friend Herbie was an Indiana farm kid from a town of about 300 people, and he was one of those guys that was an instinctual mechanic; anyway, he couldn't roll a "j" so he put a few automotive parts together and brought me what looked exactly like the picture below. It worked well. I said "Herbie, we can make a lot of money from these". And he said "go ahead". So I did."
Q: What is a favorite memory from the early start-up days? 
A: "I have two: The first is the only time I advertised to stores back then, a seeming ungodly expensive full page ad in "Paraphernalia," one of two trade magazines then published, the other was "Paraphernalia Digest".  Anyway, the product was a few years old and I got this glowing letter from the managing editor saying he has never done this with any other advertiser but he needed to write to me. He said he tried my Sneak A Toke and he thought it "amplified" his smoking experience and all kinds of other nice stuff. And he seemed really sincere. That was cool and helpful when looking for approval or feedback of some kind as we all do when we start a business.  
The second was the even more expensive one-time, 1/4 page, B&W advertisement I did a year later in High Times, in about 1979. I got a post office box and for the next 2+ YEARS, every week there was at least 6 or 8 orders, with checks or cash, a lot of weeks even more. Back then, a High Times got passed around a lot!"
Q: How has the market changed since you entered in the 70's? 
A: "A lot!"
Q: What inspires your innovations? 
A: "It's a form of mental illness I believe."
Q: Can you give us a hint what's next? 
A: "I'm finalizing a working prototype of the "New Improved Ultra High Efficiency Combustion Sneak A Toke". After that NO MORE IDEAS!!" 
Q: Do you have a motto you live by?  
A: "No, but a few years ago (before I stopped doing festivals and trade shows) when I would introduce myself to young guys there as the inventor of the Sneak A Toke inevitably the most frequent reply was "Dude, you got me through high school!!" So a good company motto might be: "Sneak A Toke, Getting Kids Through High School".  Jeez, maybe I'll get an award from an education association, LOL."