Hand Pipes

* THE ORIGINAL SNEAK A TOKE *  Old School Zeppelin
FREE with every purchase over $75, Limited Time OnlyThe legend is that zeppelin pipes were designed ..
Navy Frosted Chillum
* No Filter No Photoshop *Proudly handmade in Fort Wayne, Indiana USA Limited Quantity and..
Screenless Sneak A Toke Zeppelin
MADE IN AMERICA! This very popular hand pipe is based on the Original Sneak A Toke but with the..
Awareness Glass Spoon
“Pink is the quintessential female color,” says Margaret Welch, director of the Color Association of..
Fumed Peanut Spoon
* No Filter No Photoshop * Just a cell phone and the beauty of early morning sun.  Its eas..
Krispy Original Black Spoon
* No Filter No Photoshop *Slick, sleek and sexy, with a bowl that's just the right size for you and ..
All Day Every Day Spoon -  Black
* No Filter No Photoshop *Thick Chameleon hand pipe with the classic riff, indeed perfect for everyd..
All Day Every Day Spoon - White
* No Filter No Photoshop *The All Day Everyday Glass Pipe for those in the know: The bar code 4..
Deep Sea Dichro Chillum
* No Filter No Photoshop * There's dichro and then there's American dichro, for those that get ..
Glow in the Dark Chillum
* No Filter No Photoshop *Luminescent glass brings your sesh to an entirely new level.   ..
Gumby Lemon Swirl Chillum
* No Filter No Photoshop *We love this one by Grady! Photos definitely don't do it justice, it's tot..
Hilljack Chillum Trio
* No Filter No Photoshop *Hand blown by St. Louis artist Hilljack (Grady to his Mom), these classic ..
Ondeck Unblasted Chillum
* No Filter No Photoshop * Limited Quantity and Availability. Proudly handmade in St.Louis..
DYNOMITE Steamrollers
When it comes to glass hand pipes, steamrollers have a devoted following.  The long chamber and..
Army Spoon - Green
* No Filter No Photoshop *Perfect for ground pounders and the people who love them, our EXCLUSIVE Ar..

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